What is Sialadenitis?

In short, sialadenitis is a disorder of the salivary gland. One of several related disorders, this condition is caused by a painful bacterial infection in a person’s salivary gland. Many times, this infection is caused by staphylococcus or anaerobic bacteria. According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, sialadenitis is most common in elderly adults and very young infants.

Symptoms include a painful lump in the cheek or under the chin, or foul-tasting pus released into the mouth from the salivary duct. In severe cases, the person may experience flu-like symptoms, including a fever and chills. The most severe cases usually occur in elderly people who do not receive treatment for their symptoms… (American Health Advantage)


Brushing as a Senior at an Older Age

As we get older, it often becomes difficult to maintain the same quality of brushing we had as young adults. For instance, some people struggle with arthritis and cannot properly hold floss or a toothbrush for any length of time without experiencing pain.

To help solve this problem and encourage oral health in senior citizens, the Michigan Dental Association suggests people try the following tips… (American Health Advantage)