Caution: Recreational activities could damage your hearing

In July, people across the nation celebrated America’s independence with cookouts, parties, and, most of all, fireworks. And although setting off your own fireworks can be visually stimulating and exciting, it’s important to remember that it can also be dangerous to your hearing. At a distance of 10 feet, fireworks can produce up to 155 decibels of noise – well over the 85 decibels thought to cause hearing loss after repeated exposure. The Better Hearing Institute suggests that people use caution by wearing ear plugs or ear muffs during not only firework presentations, but also the following recreational activities:

  • Snowmobiling – 99 decibels
  • Video arcades – 110 decibels
  • Movie theaters – 118 decibels
  • Motor-boating – up to 115 decibels
  • Motorcycling – up to 120 decibels
  • Live concerts – 120 decibels +
  • Health clubs – 120 decibels
  • Shooting range (gunshots) – up to 167 decibels

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