Pediatric dentistry isn’t just for kids

When your children are small, going to a pediatric dentist can be a great way to relieve their anxiety about the dentist. Pediatric dentists are trained to meet the specific needs of children, which means they often have more success relating to their patients and making the process as smooth as possible. But what happens when your children turn into teenagers? According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, teenagers should continue to see their pediatric dentist through adolescence.

Pediatric dentists also specialize in teen dental issues, and it is important for your teenager to continue seeing a dentist who knows his or her history. Teenagers’ mouths are still rapidly changing, which makes it even more critical that they continue regular appointments at the dentist. In addition, adult teeth emerging from the surface are susceptible to decay, and a pediatric dentist can monitor the growing process to ensure your teen’s mouth stays healthy as she transitions into adulthood. The Academy also emphasizes the importance of instilling good oral hygiene habits in teens, who by now are making their own dietary and hygiene choices.

A pediatric dentist can help guide them in these choices and will press upon them the importance of maintaining healthy teeth. Talk to a pediatric dentist in your True Dental Discounts, dental plan and ask about promoting the oral health of your teenager. He or she will become a great resource and can help ensure your teen enters adulthood with beautiful teeth.


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