Assistive listening devices

Hearing loss can make some daily routines difficult. For instance, it may be harder to hear the television or carry on a conversation with a friend at dinner. Fortunately, many assistive listening devices exist to make those experiences more enjoyable. Experts at the Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center recommend using such devices as:

  • Amplifiers: Many technological devices like telephones, door bells, and alarm clocks are made with amplifiers that increase the device’s volume to a comfortable level. Users can increase or decrease the volume to suit their needs.
  • FM systems: Available in public places like churches, schools, and auditoriums, FM systems use a special receiver that sends sounds to the listener’s hearing aid or headset. Generally, the speaker wears a microphone that is specifically designed to transmit sound over a pre-determined radio frequency.
  • Infrared systems: Listeners using an infrared system are able to increase their hearing by wearing a headset that receives infrared light waves. Typically used while watching television, infrared systems allow the listener to adjust the volume of their headset without changing the volume of the television itself. This makes it easier to watch in the same room as others.
  • One-to-one devices: Best used in close spaces like the car or a dinner table, one-to-one listening devices make it easier to carry on conversations with another person. While using this device, the listener wears headphones attached to an amplifier, and the speaker talks into a microphone that transmits the sound. The result is a smoother conversation with fewer interruptions and misinterpretations.

If you find yourself becoming stressed during normal activities like talking on the phone or watching television, talk to an audiologist on your True Dental Discounts, hearing plan. He or she will help you determine the best assistive listening devices for your lifestyle, and at a reduced rate.


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