New prescription drug rids children of stubborn head lice

If you or your child has ever had lice, you know how difficult it can be to clear up. This is especially true if the lice have become resistant to the products usually recommended to kill them. Studies have shown that in some cases, lice become resistant to the typical pyrethroid treatments, leaving parents at a loss of what to do to remove the parasites. In these instances, many people are now turning to Stromectol, a pill newly introduced that contains ivermectin, which is used to prevent heartworm in dogs.

When tested, the drug cleared all lice in 95 percent of patients after two weeks. The effectiveness of Stromectol was discussed in the New England Journal of Medicine in March. In the article, study results indicated that one young girl experienced seizures after taking the pill, but such negative side effects are not expected to be common. To learn more about drugs like Stromectol, talk your doctor. By using your True Dental Discounts prescription plan, you can get significant savings on everyday prescriptions. Find out how by calling 1-800-747-6190.


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