What is Strabismus?

It may sound rare for a person’s eyeballs to look in two different directions, but according to the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, approximately four out of every 100 adults has this condition, known as strabismus. As noted, people with strabismus cannot focus properly with both eyes and typically have symptoms such as double vision, loss of depth perception, and overlapped/blurred vision. The foundation suggests that the most common type of treatment for strabismus is eye muscle surgery.

This type of surgery either loosens or tightens the muscles around the eye to allow both eyes to look straight and focus correctly. Some adults also wear glasses with prisms, which helps to correct double vision by aligning images into one solid shape. While most people with strabismus have had it since childhood, there are many medical problems that can lead to acquiring the condition, including head trauma and diabetes. It is very important to consult with an eye doctor if you have symptoms of strabismus. Doctors can conduct simple tests to determine the existence of the condition and help you identify the cause.


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