Advice on Caring for your Dentures

Millions of Americans wear dentures, but not everyone knows how to properly care for them. Dentures can be very fragile and easily broken, so it is important to take precautions when handling them. It’s helpful to stand over a sink filled with water, or a soft towel, to avoid dropping them onto the hard floor. For this same reason, dentures should not be kept in a place that can be accessed by children or animals. According to the American Dental Association, dentures need to be brushed daily like regular teeth. By cleaning them regularly, you can remove food particles and stains. Look for a brush specially designed to care for dentures.

These brushes have soft bristles that are gentle on the surface of the denture. Never use bleach or harsh household cleaners on your dentures. You can, however, use mild dish soap. Most dentists recommend using an ADA approved cleanser, which can be applied to a wet toothbrush and brushed gently onto the dentures. Always scrub carefully so you do not damage your dentures, and be sure to brush all angles and surfaces. When not in use, you should store your dentures in a special soaking solution recommended by your dentist, or in water. Do not soak them in hot water, though, or you will risk warping and damaging your dentures. Finally, do not forget to brush your gums and tongue every day, as well, to remove plaque and stimulate your circulation. For more information about properly caring for your mouth and dentures, talk to a dentist on your True Care Advantage discount dental plan. He or she can talk to you about your routine and give you additional suggestions for keeping them clean, including ultrasonic cleaners.


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