Are you Dizzy? Then Consult an Audiologist

If you find yourself frequently feeling dizzy, it’s important to identify the cause. According to the American Academy of Audiology, dizziness can often be attributed to disorders of the inner ear. In such cases, people may notice symptoms like vertigo, nausea and blurred vision when they move their head. If this sounds familiar, start by taking detailed notes about your symptoms and environment. An audiologist will want to know how long the symptoms last, possible triggers of the symptoms, situations or environments involved, and if they worsen.

If the dizziness is combined with other symptoms like headaches, changes in ear pressure, or ear aches, be sure to note those changes and associations, as well. Once the cause of your dizziness is, in fact, determined to be a result of an inner-ear disorder, an audiologist covered by your True Care Advantage discount dental plan can conduct further tests to help resolve the problem. For more information about dizziness and its relation to the ear, ask your doctor. The sooner you call, the sooner you will feel relief.


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