Is my teen ready for contact lenses?

Contact lenses have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly among young adults. If your pre-teen or teenager is asking about switching to contacts, there are many factors to consider. First, is your child mature enough to handle the responsibility of wearing – and caring for – contact lenses? It’s imperative that lenses are cleaned properly to prevent infection and tearing. Second, consider the possible advantages offered by contact lenses.

Is your child involved in sports? Contacts make it easier to be active and to wear masks/goggles. If you decide that contact lenses could be right for your teen, schedule an appointment with your True Care Advantage eye doctor. He or she will perform a comprehensive eye exam and review the basics of wearing contact lenses. Your doctor will also help you decide what kind of contacts is best for your child, including disposable lenses, which require less maintenance. The bottom line is that wearing contacts is an individual decision and must be considered carefully. Many parents find that although contacts take a little while to get used to, they can provide a boost to teens’ comfort, safety and confidence.


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