Warning signs for your baby’s vision

Vision development occurs naturally in newborns and progresses as the child grows older. In some rare cases, however, infants may experience problems with their vision that need to be addressed by a professional. The American Optometric Association recommends that parents look for any of the following indicators:

  • Excessive tearing, which can be a sign of a blocked tear duct;
  • Red or encrusted eyelids, which could mean your infant has an eye infection;
  • Constant turning of the eyes, which could indicate a problem with your child’s eye muscle control;
  • Extreme sensitivity to light, which could be a sign of elevated eye pressure;
  • A white pupil, which could be a sign of eye cancer and should be taken seriously.

If you do notice any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment with an optometrist through your True Care Advantage plan. Many conditions can be cleared up with simple remedies, while others may require more advanced treatment plans. It’s extremely important to protect the health of your infant’s eyes so his visual development is not interrupted; talk to your optometrist to learn more.


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