Special contact lenses can help cure dry eyes

Millions of people in the United States suffer from dry eyes, a gritty, burning sensation in the eyes that can be both irritating and painful. Causes of this condition range from prescription side effects and pregnancy to allergies and skin diseases. While a temporary solution can be found in eye drops, a more effective way of treating dry eyes may be scleral contact lenses. According to ScienceDaily, these special lenses are larger than regular contact lenses, ranging from 15 to 22mm in diameter.

Unlike normal lenses, they cover part of a person’s sclera – the white part of the eye – and help keep eyes moist by holding saline solution underneath. In addition, the new sclera lenses are gas permeable, which means oxygen is able to reach the surface of the eye. They are also customizable and can be fitted specifically for your eyes. Doctors say these larger lenses can be more difficult to put in, but most people adjust quickly and are glad to have a more permanent solution for their dry eyes.

What’s more, most people experience immediate relief when they begin wearing scleral lenses. The additional moisture prevents their eyes from becoming red and irritated and eliminates the burning feeling. If you struggle with dry eyes, talk to an optometrist about trying scleral lenses. Your True Care Advantage plan can help you save money on this life-changing treatment.


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