What to expect during an Audiologic Evaluation

If you suspect you’re having problems with your hearing, your doctor may recommend you be evaluated by an audiologist on your True Care plan. An audiologist is a doctor who treats and prevents hearing loss. During your evaluation, the audiologist will talk with you about your medical history, particularly as it relates to your hearing. This information will help him or her learn more about what could be causing issues with your hearing.

Before conducting any tests, the doctor will use a light called an otoscope to look inside your ear. This helps determine if anything is blocking the ear canal that would affect the test results or require further treatment. After that, according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, the audiologist will typically conduct a series of hearing tests to assess:

  • If you indeed having hearing loss
  • Possible causes of your hearing loss
  • If your hearing loss is in one or both ears
  • The degree/severity of your hearing loss

Using the results of these tests, your audiologist will determine the best treatment options for you. Common treatment options include hearing aids, audiologic rehabilitation and cochlear implants. With the correct treatment plan, you can prevent further hearing loss and significantly improve your quality of life.


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