Can Botox help your Vision?

Move over wrinkles. Botox has found a new use, and it’s not to help people look younger. All over the country, ophthalmologists are using the drug to correct adult strabismus, or lazy eye. Injected in small doses, Botox can help stop the muscle spasms that cause adults to experience double vision, blurred images, a loss of depth perception, and many other symptoms of strabismus.

During the procedure, an ophthalmologist on your True Care Advantage plan will use a very thin needle to inject Botox directly into the eye muscles. Often, an anesthetic cream is applied to soothe the site of the injection. According to the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Botox lengthens the injected muscle while shortening the opposing muscle, which helps correct many cases of strabismus. (American Health Advantage)


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